Genshin Impact Game

  • Developer: miHoYo, Shanghai Miha Touring Film Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Genre: Gaming
  • Version: 1.1
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Official information

Release Date September 28, 2020
Developer miHoYo, Shanghai Miha Touring Film Technology Co., Ltd.
Publisher miHoYo
Genre Gaming
Language English, Japanese, Arabic, French, German
System Windows PC, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Version 1.1


Genshin Impact Review: The Adventure Begins!

It is one of the most influential RPGs of 2020. Genshin Impact is already compared to The Legend of Zelda series, and players all over the world go mad about it.  If you are a JRPG fan, come on and download Genshin Impact now. You won’t regret it.

Genshin Impact PC download will take about an hour. But, as you look at the Genshin Impact tier list, you understand that the game is a long time pleasure. On the other hand, even the hardest fans of Genshin Impact play it for only a month, and you still have a chance to catch up with them.

Genshin Impact Game

Welcome to the Open World!

Genshin Impact gameplay will be familiar to you if you have ever played a JPRG. Select your character, move him or her with the left joystick, look around with the right one, attack, dash, and climb with buttons.

The visuals are also grand. The game features an open world with cities and lakes, mountains, and caves, water, and sky moving, and enemies active and kicking. Your fairy assistant produces special effects with every move. No matter if you play Genshin Impact PS4 or Android version, it's eye-candy.

The developers call Genshin Impact free, and formally it is. Still, to grant yourself better weapons, spells, and protection, you will need bonuses. These are available through a Gacha system: you purchase a box and only then learn what’s inside of it. So, as you download Genshin impact PC, mobile, or console version, get ready for microtransactions.

Looks Japanese, but…

In Genshin Impact characters, landscapes, special effects, and even fonts look as if it were a Japanese project. It even uses the Gacha system that was made popular in Japan and then through the rest of the world. In fact, though, it’s developed by miHoYo, a Chinese company specializing in big games.

Maybe you have never heard this name. But give it a chance and download Genshin Impact. As winter is coming, you will spend more time at home. And after a bit of playing, you will call Genshin Impact Game of the Year.


  • What platforms can I play Genshin Impact on?
  • There are versions for Windows, PS4, iOS, and Android. Soon it will also be released for Nintendo Switch. As for the Genshin Impact Xbox version, it’s not planned… so far.
  • Does Genshin Impact mobile version support gamepads?
  • We tried its iOS version with officially supported DualShock and Xbox Controllers. None of them worked. On Android, though, you can get it to work with third-party controllers via special utilities.
  • What’s the size of the Genshin Impact download PC version?
  • The iOS version is a little larger than 4 GB. As for the Genshin Impact PC version, it’s about 12 GB. The PS4 version is 9.91 GB. On PS5, it may take a little more space.


It’s a fresh title: its premiere took place in September 2020. So its full potential is unfolding before our eyes.

Along with story mode in Genshin Impact multiplayer mode is available. Despite the variety of devices the game is available for, you can enjoy Genshin Impact crossplay throughout all of them. It has a downside: maybe that’s why the Genshin Impact Switch version is not here yet. It’s been announced, though, and soon Nintendo fans will enjoy it too.

The game is constantly updated. After the Genshin Impact download, the game will check whether there are any new versions.


  • the game takes a lot of money for upgrading characters or weapons
  • because of the Adventure rank, after rank 15 it becomes difficult to play, even story missions need an Adventure rank to pass


  • multiplatform
  • interesting story
  • optimization
  • a huge world (and now only two locations are open in the game)
  • everything is served cool and interesting
  • NOT obligatory donation





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